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The Mission Statement of Lakeside Christian Ministries


The Mission of Lakeside Christian Ministries (LCM) is to live as Jesus lived, love as Jesus loved, and serve as Jesus served so that God may be glorified and those in need may be helped.


We strive to live the Christian Gospel through following and promoting the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ, and to be recognized and identified as real people loving a real God.


Goals: Feeding the Physically and Spiritually Hungry

LCM exists for the purpose of promoting and practicing the Christian religion through regular church worship services, meetings, and events, and to support these activities among other Christian organizations in the greater Fulton area.


LCM intends to carry out its mission through charitable actions that will aid poor and needy persons living in the greater Fulton area who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter by providing such individuals with food and clothing, and referrals to organizations that provide housing.


The Church will address food hunger needs by supplying non-perishable food and personal care items to local food pantries, filling and handing out “blessing bags” with enough to sustain a person for a day or two, volunteering at local soup kitchens and food distributions, and preparing fresh meals for individuals, families and groups.


LCM intends to address spiritual hunger needs by offering one-on-one and small group Bible study meetings in private homes, by serving as guest speakers at group meetings, church events and retreats, and offering spiritual resources on our website.

We also intend to assist in providing for other needs for the poor and needy population through providing access to clothing and shelter and referrals to religious, private non-profit, and government organizations that provide these services.

We will maintain a regular presence in the greater Fulton area as a place of worship that is open to all. LCM will invite and encourage those individuals not already connected with an established religious organization to become members and participate more fully in its mission.


Raising Funds to Carry out Our Mission and Achieve Our Goals

Lakeside Christian Ministries will raise funds to conduct its charitable activities through:

  • tithes and offerings from its members

  • special gifts from donors, such as memorials

  • campaign contributions, such as a building project

  • unsolicited donations from the general public, or from other organizations

  • through a PayPal donation portal on its website

  • performing religious services, such as:

    • baptisms

    • funerals

    • weddings

    • dedications

    • guest speakers to other organizations



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