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Worship is an important part of what we do. God is the only One who is worthy of our worship. He gave us the lift and death of His Son, Jesus Christ, who willingly took on Himself all of the sin for every human being who ever lived. He paid the penalty for those sins with His perfect, sinless life - and then He rose again to new life! This allows those who believe in Jesus to share in that everlasting life. Death cannot stop us from spending forever with our risen Lord. That's a gift worth thanking God for, and one way we say thanks is by worshiping.


We worship every Sunday at the start of our weekly services. We often have times of worship before a Bible study or prayer meeting. We worship in the park, we worship in our cars - whenever, wherever!


There is great freedom in our worship. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to stand or sit quietly, great. If you want to stand up and shout, go for it. You can dance around, lay facedown on the floor; it's all welcomed by God when it comes from a sincere heart that is focusing on Him.


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